Knights In The Cup

While footy fans were making their way to strange and unfamiliar grounds yesterday to see their beloved teams in the third round of the FA Cup, Doncaster Knights were engaged in far more important and significant matters. They were in the Cup though: The British & Irish Cup.

Jack Ram

The opponents on this day were Munster A. A? We hear you ask. In this case Munster's A side is a mix of Academy players and first team reserves. The Knights were also fielding a changed side from the one which won handsomely against Richmond seven days ago.

Jared Williams Touches Down

The Knights began well and were first to score down the left through a determined burst from Jared Williams. As the official match report shows though, this one of few bright spots for the Knights on a dark afternoon. Munster's class began to show as they intercepted several times and punished mercilessly. 

Who Touched Down?

By the time the home side crossed the line again towards the end of the second half the game was already lost. Nice bit of discussion on Twitter as to who scored though as the try came from a long chase, Mat Clark and Sam Edgerley arriving on the ball simultaneously. The official report has Sam as the scorer but others were not so sure.

Interesting climactic conditions; although the beginning of January the weather was quite warm. ickledot had always thought that steam rose from a scrum only on the very coldest of days. Not so! The high level of humidity brought very pleasing clouds of vapour rising off players whenever they stopped long enough for them to form. You can see a few more pictures from the game over on ickledot's Flickr pages.

High Flying Glen Young

On a different note, ickledot has recently been updating his rugby portfolio; a selection of what he considers to be his best rugby shots. They were all taken within the last two years. Have a look. See what you think. If you had to narrow it down to, say, fifteen - which would you remove?