Winning Year Opener For The Women Of West Park Leeds

Following the disappointment of the previous day in Doncaster, ickledot set off to Bramhope with a good deal of trepidation. West Park Leeds Ladies were up against tough opposition: second in the table Lichfield 2. 

Second day running that ickledot's chosen teams were facing opposition with a number or letter after their name. In this case the 2 denoted it was Lichfield's second team, their first string squad being in the Premiership. Make no mistake though, this second team was good and riding a place or two higher in the league than their hosts.

The away side began well, mounting several attacks before WPL got into their stride. It wasn't looking good! Then, just as one felt Lichfield were bound to go ahead, WPL broke away and scored down the left. And before the visitors could recover, they scored again, roaring into a 10-0 lead.

And that difference in score was more or less maintained throughout the game. Lichfield did get points on the board but each time they did so, WPL rallied and scored themselves. The final score was 27-15, a great start to 2017 for the girls in blue and gold.

It was a most satisfactory game for ickledot as well as much significant action occurred nearby. He was able to get multiple shots of two tries, illustrating the determination required to break through a determined defence. You can see some of them over on Flickr but if you're a glutton for punishment there's a link to more in the ickledot shop.