A Super Sandal Weekend

This is about the fourth attempt I've made to write a blog about my two days at Sandal Rugby Club. Part of the delay has been my sheer laziness but the problem has also been with the platform this site uses: Squarespace. For a while it wasn't saving properly but now all seems healed. Anyway, my two days at Sandal Rugby Club is now almost a fortnight into history but it was so enjoyable I thought I'd still write about it anyway.

First up was a first team game against Ilkley on the Saturday. It was a hard fought contest although the home side were well on top by the end. You can read a match report here and see more pictures over on Flickr.

Sunday was a girls' and women's tournament which was enjoyed by all, played across the club's whole site in several age groups as well as seniors. Below are just a few of ickledot's favourite shots but there are many more available through the ickledot shop.

It was a great day culminating in the Under 18s final played between Sandal and Castleford. As you can see below, it was Castleford celebrating at the end of the game. Sandal didn't leave empty handed though, winning the earlier under 15 (I think) final.