Pirates' Tricks No Treat For Doncaster Knights

Sunday was game day at Castle Park, Doncaster, the visitors on this occasion being the Cornish Pirates. At start of play it was a near top of the table clash although a win for Nottingham on Friday evening had already pushed the Knights out of third place.

As you'll have seen previously, I love the scrum half defensive kick with the attempted charge down. As here, it's almost never blocke but still quite dramatic.

By the end of the game they were fortunate not to drop down to mid-table or beyond as things most definitely did not go well. I'll spare you the topical Halloween horror show metaphor but at half time it sure was looking like one.

Richard List's tackle with Matt Challinor in support

You can read a more detailed report of the Knights' defeat here (glad I didn't use the Pirates Plunder headline I was considering). Did things improve in the second half? As far as stopping the visitors scoring was concerned, the half-time total of 17 becoming 46 by the final whistle gives a fairly emphatic answer: 'No'. Well done to the Pirates. Here's a shot of scrum half Alex Day, busy and creative throughout.

Alex Shaw ready to pounce

However, moving forward the home side most definitely fared better, which was great news for me hoping to get some significant shots of the action. They finished the game with 29 points, giving them a league bonus point that ultimately proved decisive in keeping them in the top half of the table.

Owen Williams (I think) Driving Forward - love the airborne tackler!

Missed the try scored by Ben Hunter towards the end of the first forty as I'd moved to the 22 metre line. I'd spent much of the half photographing tackles as the Pirates enjoyed most of the possession. I was quite pleased with some of them, particularly one of prop forward Richard List, making his 200th appearance for the Knights.

Lloyd Hayes races through for his man of the match try

There were, I think, four Knights' tries in the second half. Man of the match Lloyd Hayes was provider for at least one but was also able to get over the line himself, as did replacement scrum half Tom James.

Tom James evades a final tackle to score

Although the clocks had moved their seasonal hour backwards the previous night, the kick off had still been at three o'clock so darkness was falling by the time the game moved into its final quarter. As a result, pictures were becoming ever more grainy and by the time James Wright dived over for a try on his first appearance the (photographic) noise was intense. As you see, I've not cropped his try shot too tight so it can at least appear to have a level of detail. I've commented before about the abilities of the Canon 7D Mk2 in poor light. It really came up trumps again. You'll recall James as one of the key figures in Yorkshire U20s championship success last year. Below his try on Sunday is a shot of him scoring for Yorkshire against Northumberland.

Hope your Halloween is a bit less scary than the Knights' result! Here's a witch from the Sue Ryder Monster Dash event on Saturday evening.