Shots Of '17

Hope Christmas is going well for you! As mentioned in a previous post, I've been looking over ickledot's rugby shots for the previous 12 months, trying to select a set of favourites, as you do at this time of year. I should mention at this point, I've kept 12,800, so I think I've done well to whittle it down to a long list of 100. To narrow it down further I thought I'd get you involved.

Goole score at Twickenham

I ought to begin by apologising to all the Yorkshire clubs I've not ever visited or photographed, either this year or any other. There's a reasonably wide selection of clubs but every possibility yours won't be included. However they do cover both men and women's clubs and representative sides, along with a smattering of junior games. A couple of odd-ones-out: a) there's a rugby league shot and b) two were taken while on holiday in France!

Jack Bergmanas, Doncaster Knights

I've also tried to cover all aspects of the game: tries, scrums, mauls, lineouts, tackles, post-match portraits, pre-match warm-ups, the odd dispute and lighter moments. Basically it's boiled down to whether there's drama or humour; it mustn't be boring.

Lineout, Harrogate Ladies

You'll see that Doncaster Knights are featured quite a lot as they're the club I've photographed the most during the year. You'll also see several shots of the England women's team training at Bishop Burton College. This was a real highpoint in my photographing year so no apologies for that.

Tackle, West Park Leeds U15 Girls v Tynedale, Darlington

I've included several here to illustrate the post - it shouldn't be assumed I think these are any better or worse than the others, which you can see here. Once you select an image there's a box for comments and a heart icon for you to 'like' your favourites. In making your selection, try to think of the photo rather than the player or club featured. Let's see if we can arrive at a shortlist and an overall best - assuming and hoping you like any of them of course!