The Lost Leeds Medics Report And A Little Festive Idea

You'll remember me apologising in a recent post for not blogging in nearly a month. One of the things I never got round to reporting about was a trip to Leeds to see the Medics!

It took place towards the beginning of November on a bright and sunny Saturday at Weetwood, Leeds University sports fields. Though the Leeds Medics encounter with Sheffield Medics was an official game, it was also part of a much bigger event, a day of activity in aid of the RFU's Injured Players Foundation.

As a curtain raiser there was a women's match which was, I think, a Leeds Medics team against a wider university group. Not entirely sure about that but in a sense it didn't matter as it was all for charity and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Not sure either about the results of the games. Bit of an omission on my part but I must admit it's something I don't always remember anyway. For me it's the pictures that are important - they're still around long after the details of a game have long been forgotten. In the case of the men I've a feeling it was Sheffield who came out on top but I could be wrong.

I spoke to Adam, president of Leeds Medics (or Leeds Medics and Dentists to give them their full title), before the game to get an idea of the team's current strength. The last time I'd seen them play was a couple of seasons ago against West Park Leeds. At that time they were going through a bad patch, on the verge of being relegated. He felt they'd recovered somewhat since although a number of key players had recently left the University (and therefore the club) so they're in a process of rebuilding once more. Most important on the day was the amount raised: more than £3600. A great total for a great cause; one which you might consider adding to here.

Part of the reason for being reminded of this event was somebody requesting to buy a picture of the day, which brings me to my second point.

It's Christmas! You've been to all the shops, all the websites, and you still can't find a suitable gift for your rugby playing partner, brother, sister, son, daughter. Fret no more as I might just have the answer, even this late before the day! You'll have seen some time during this or a previous season, a picture I've taken of them. So, go to Ikea or your local supermarket and buy a picture frame. Then, go to the ickledot shop, find the picture, download it, give me a little bit of money, print the picture and place inside aforementioned frame. Job done!

If you can't find the picture and you know I've taken one, email me and I'll sort it. A number of people have done this in recent days and you could join them. A unique gift they'll treasure forever! And if I don't write again before the big day, have a great Christmas and a hugely happy new year.