Andy On Fire As Knights Plunder And Repel

Although we expected fire and thunder when Yorkshire's premier rugby union sides clashed last Sunday, the warm spring sunshine gave little hint as to what would follow. For the second season in a row both are locked in to the fight for play-off places, Carnegie faring better in the early stages and the Knights coming into form just when their Leeds rivals were seeming to falter.

The Knights' latest 'centurion', Paul Jarvis, looked most relaxed as he chatted with scrum half Michael Heaney and the pre-match drills looked slightly less brutal in the bright conditions.

Knights' Tyson Lewis leaps for the ball in front of an expectant crowd

The match was a closely fought thriller though with tries a plenty, scores disallowed, a yellow card or two, the lead switching on more than one occasion and the result too close to call right up to the final whistle. It's now Thursday, the reports are in so ickledot won't go into too much detail here.

Suffice it to say it was a thriller and a fitting match to grace Sky TV. The Knights won out in the end and man of the match, deservedly so, was winger Andy Bulumakau. His overall contributions were significant but most pleasing on the eye were his two tries from long runs down the right.

He seems to be reserving his most dramatic scores for Yorkshire Carnegie - here's one below from last year's fixture.

It was a great day for photographing as the clouds came only towards the end of the game. Some good pre-match shots, some close up action, a large crowd to add a background and a few pleasing portraits at the end. As usual, there are a few more to view over on Flickr.

However, the afternoon was ultimately tinged with disappointment. Everyone who takes photos will know the feeling. Two hundred or so pictures that are acceptable, a few that very pleasing and one or two that might be contenders for 'best of the season'. But you don't think of those. It's the ones that got away that nag at you on the drive home.

Andy's second try. Had him in focus all the way through his run.Kept focus as he passed the two posts between us. Still good as he made his way over the line. He leaps into the air and …

He's out of focus. Aaaaagh! All looked well on the LED screen at the back of the camera but when the pictures emerged on the computer monitor later the true horror was clear to see - or blurred to see in this case. Now, when you take hundreds of pictures during a game and the action is always fast, players constantly changing direction and moving across each other, you're bound to have a few that are out of focus. But when it happens with the half dozen or so that could have been the best, it's so FRUSTRATING! A few filters and sharpening have been applied to these two but they're still most definitely out of focus.

I know, ickledot could have hidden them away and kept this secret to himself. But I thought I'd share the experience, just in case it happens to to you and you think you're the only one. You're not! A break from rugby this weekend as ickledot heads off to photograph the Scarborough Blues Festival. Whatever you're doing, have a good one. Don't forget the clocks!