Win Lancashire, Win!

If this blog had been written yesterday it would have been so different; a tale of Roses battles, one victory, one loss and, ultimately, the end of a season on something of a low for both of Yorkshire's senior sides.

Now, 24 hours later, all that seems unimportant, irrelevant, in the wake of the tragic events in Manchester last night. On Saturday the white rose of Yorkshire and the red of Lancashire were adversaries, indirectly. On Sunday the competition was face to face: a semi-final for the women of the two counties at Broughton Park Rugby Club.

Today however, it's vital we stress to anyone who threatens our way of life and the things we do, we are not adversaries at all. We are as one in admiration, respect for each other and the game we love to play, watch or, in my case, photograph.

It's something that sport in general and rugby in particular, I think, does well. The game's played hard but the handshakes and congratulations pitch side or in the bar afterwards are almost always genuine. It's important we remember that.

So instead of the regular reports I'll just show you a few pictures; the Saturday game first and then the semi-final on Sunday. And let you know, as usual, you can see more of Yorkshire v Eastern Counties and Lancashire v Yorkshire on Flickr.

And there are links to even more pics of both games here and here.

I'm hoping fellow Tykes will join with me in wishing both of Lancashire's teams the best of luck in their two finals next weekend. It's going to be hard for all kinds of reasons but it's what you do and you do it so well. Go win!