Painting The Town Red … And Blue … And Yellow … And …

Painting The Town Red … And Blue … And Yellow … And …

Those of you who've read this blog before will know, in addition to photographing rugby, other sport and music, ickledot also takes photographs for the local hospice here in Sunny Oxenhope where I live: Manorlands.

More exactly it's the fund raising events they organise. Run by the charity, Sue Ryder, Manorlands provides wonderful care for those with a life changing illness. Either in the home or the hospice itself, Manorlands and Sue Ryder's other centres can transform people's final weeks and days into a positive and painless experience.

Of course, all this takes a tremendous amount of money, most of which has to be raised by the charity itself. The total required runs into tens, hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. Through taking photos at each of their fund raising events, not only do I contribute in this effort, it also gives me the opportunity to make exciting, dramatic and interesting pictures.

I'll leave it to you to decide whether I've succeeded or not. I've included some of my favourites in this blog but if you'd like to see more, go here. As you can see, the event involved all entrants running around a large circuit while being pelted with different coloured powder paint and quite a lot of water. Everyone, young and old(er), had a great time.

I'm hoping that some of those featured will download the shots. Usually I'd put the link in the ickledot shop for you to download and buy pictures but in this case I'd prefer it if you made a small donation to Sue Ryder. If you do, why not let me know in a little comment below? Might encourage others to do just the same.

There were obstacles too!

And you might just see some of these pictures in our local newspaper The Keighley News this week. I'll let you know if that happens.