Knights Bristol - Up For The Cup

Castle Park must be feeling like a home ground for Bristol Rugby Club and their supporters. The second time in as many months they faced the Knights last Saturday. Nowhere near as bitter and snowy as the week which followed, but still very cold and cloud covered.

Jason Hill points out where the ball should go and seconds later Joe Sproston puts it there

As it's so long ago you'll know by now that the visitors won again, demonstrating why they sit at the top of the Green King IPA Championship table. However, this time the two sides were much more evenly matched and the Knights finished within a score of their opponents by the close.

A run, graceful dive and a smile gets Paul Jarvis over the line

In fact, if you look at ickledot's shot of full-back Charlie Foley below, you'd be convinced he was about to score what could have been a match winning try. But it wasn't to be. That pesky Bristol defender managed to get a hand under the ball and flipped it away before it was grounded.

Joe Sproston was beneath a pile of bodies when he scored so here's a clearer shot of him pushing forward

Photographically it was quite a pleasing day despite the murky conditions. Though far away from some scores, ickledot was up close for Paul Jarvis's try and also the lead up to Joe Sproston's score following a maul.

Frustration for Charlie Foley. So close!

It was also quite a triumph to capture a charge down at last. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, when a scrum half kicks a ball away from the base of the scrum and opponents leap to block it, they fail. It's still quite a dramatic shot, especially if the kicked ball is in frame as it sails away. However, very occasionally it's blocked, giving an opportunity for an unexpected score. And it happened last Saturday! The try didn't follow this time but it did cause panic in the Bristol defence.

The game was followed by a fixture involving the Knights' junior club, Doncaster Phoenix. By the time the game began it was dark so ickledot only stayed for the first half before a long drive home. You can see a few shots of their victory over Sandbach over on Flickr

Long time readers might remember ickledot's post about Instagram a while ago. Over Christmas it was great to reach the 1000 followers milestone. Many thanks to all of you who have followed me on that platform. You'll know that a more recent aspect of Instagram is Instagram Stories - short movies or slideshows which are displayed for a short time (although now they can be archived and available longer). ickledot's latest Story has some pre-match shots of the Knights. I hope you'll have a look!