Knights Valentine Victory: A Close One Though

Just one rugby match following a run of two game weekends. On Sunday the weather was so cold and wild I didn't even consider leaving home, preferring the Six Nations encounter between Scotland and France on TV. On Saturday it was Scots of a different nature, London Scottish, who were the opponents for the Knights.

A first half run for Lesley Klim supported by a leaping Tyson Lewis

It now being the following Wednesday you'll already know the Knights came out on top in a game where victory looked quite unlikely until well into the second half. As the detailed report on the club's website says (with pic of mine showing Charlie Foley's winning kick), the visitors had led from the tenth minute.

Tyson Lewis again, this time releasing the ball to Tom James before being tackled

A mixed day photographically. Unlike last week at Bradford & Bingley I wasn't particularly close to any of the tries … well … apart from one I was VERY close to … too close in fact … the resulting shot was not good and nobody's going to see it.

Into the scrum with Joe Sproston

Josh Tyrell - second half one handed pass in the tackle

However, there were some 'keepers', including a couple of good portraits at the end and during the warm up. See what you think! I'm off to Bruges to photograph a rock 'n' roll cruise this coming weekend but hope to be back in time to see Yorkshire Under 16s again at Keighley Rugby Club on Sunday.

Jack Ram