Yorkshire Under 17s: A Roses Clash

It's now the middle of the week following the Saturday I described in my last post: the mad dash between two games at Ilkley and West Park Leeds. Much snow has fallen since then and the country is now gripped in an icy blast from the East. It was actually a three game weekend as Sunday brought a short trip to Keighley Rugby Club for the Under 17 clash between Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Thankfully the long forecasted freezing weather had not yet arrived and the sun shone out of a clear blue sky just as strongly as it had throughout the previous day. I described Keighley's new artificial all-weather pitch during my Yorkshire Under 16 report back in January and on Sunday it looked its absolute best, glistening green and ready for action.

Among the Yorkshire squad I recognised one or two faces from last season's Under 16 'corresponding' fixture at Silcoates School. Things had gone well for the white rose on that occasion but as this day's game got underway it became clear the opposition was strong and well organised.

The visitors struck first with an early try which was answered with a Yorkshire score emanating from a drive following a lineout. Not entirely sure of the scores from then on (and I'm not aware of an official report yet from either side) but Lancashire were ahead at the break.

Unfortunately for Yorkshire the red rose grew in strength and confidence during the second half. There was a try and a period of pressure from Yorkshire but this was amid several scores from Lancashire which left them clear winners by the end of the game.

Always dangerous for me to start analysing a game with so little knowledge but it did seem that Lancashire had a number of backs with the speed and tenacity to break through Yorkshire's defence from deep. Well done to them for a deserved victory and good luck to Yorkshire for their next two fixtures .

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