Knights New Season Begins

Well, not quite the beginning of a new season. The match described here was actually a pre-season Knights encounter with Sale Rugby Club. But if you're an Adobe Lightroom user, and if you keyword your images like I do, you'll understand the significance of applying a new 'season 2018-19' tag after a year of using 'season 2017-18'. It's a bit of a milestone.

Tyson Lewis looked in great pre-season form, scoring two tries

I know there's many who would disagree with this method of cataloguing pictures, preferring to use 'collections' instead. Believe me, if I was starting all over again I might do the same but it'd be difficult to change after 80,000 images or so. I do use collections, for syncing with Lightroom Mobile on the phone and for sharing with all manner of people, but my method of actually finding a long lost image in Lightroom is through keywords. If you do use Lightroom, there's been an update in the last couple of days. Read about the new stuff in Scott Kelby's Lightroom Killer Tips post here.

My favourite score of the day came from Knights' forward Morgan Eames. He leapt high to intercept and then ran what seemed like a huge distance to touch down. I had the 300mm (600mm full frame equivalent) lens on my Olympus OMD Em1 MkII so was able to cover it from far out. Didn't have time to switch camera for the close action but was pleased with the profile portrait celebration.

By the way, if you're reading this is another part of the world and you're unfamiliar with rugby, you might be wondering how one team I photograph, Keighley Cougars, is nearing the end of its season while others are just beginning theirs. The Cougars play Rugby League which for a number of years in the UK has been played throughout the spring and summer, February to September. Rugby Union on the other hand, which I spend most of my time photographing, is still a winter game, September to May.

Academy player Seth Adams had a sound debut, kicking several conversions. I'm really pleased with the Olympus' fast frame rate which virtually assures a shot with the ball still in frame with place kicks. I've found a shutter speed of 1/3200 will freeze the ball even close to the kicker's foot, when at its fastest.

As Sale are a couple of leagues below the Knights, the home side took the opportunity to try out squad and academy players beyond what might eventually become the regular first team. As with all season openers, there were a number of new faces alongside established figures.

Forwards doing what forwards do: Colin Quigley carries the ball, supported by Tom Hicks

You can read the detailed match report but basically it was an exciting high scoring game, the visitors competing well but the Knights emerging as comfortable winners.

A couple of post-match portraits: Seth Adams (top) and Morgan Eames