Tournament Of Try Tag Rugby 2018

Tuesday evening and I'm just looking at the site's visitors over recent days. Still a surprisingly high number for the close season with yesterday, Monday, being the highest. Can't quite believe that 76% of traffic is coming from the USA, particularly as the game I photograph is not especially well known or popular there. This is thanks in no small part to my friend Robert Vanelli no doubt. Thanks also to everyone for passing by. Hope you enjoy what you see.

Did the tag come too late? We'll never know

Another hot and sunny Saturday was spent photographing a Try Tag Rugby Tournament near Leeds. Starting around 11am, play went on throughout the day with just a short break for lunch and a Yorkshire pudding race.

A great bit of skill - seemed to flick the ball forward with the wrong foot then raced around his opponent to score

It was highly competitive but played in a great spirit; 24 teams entering overall. Many were local while others had travelled from London and Manchester. The wearing of highly imaginative fancy dress added an air of good humour and a hint of surreality. Some teams were a little reluctant to be photographed while others were really enthusiastic, thinking carefully about how they wanted to look in a group picture. The two below are my particular favourites poses.

Favourite fancy dressed teams

Definitely tagged!

The play culminated in two grand finals, the group A one being so close it had to be decided in extra time with a golden try. Can't tell you the winner. In a sense the results were secondary to everyone's enjoyment.


Shouldn't be a favourite sequence as the players are facing away from the camera but I love way the dirt's kicked up and the airborne tackler on the left. Player 99 went on to score.

After the rugby came the presentation ceremony before everyone retired to the clubhouse to party into the night.

Celebration - winners of the Group B final

This chap's about to score the winning try in the Group A final

To close, my best dog picture to date. I just called his name, he looked at the camera and snap!