Cougars Earn A Shot At The Bulls’ Eye!

Almost the weekend again. Almost time to think about matches to come rather than those that have gone. Before we do though, I wanted to tell you about last weekend’s fixture, another rugby league game at the home of Keighley Cougars.

Fierce tackling required as Distington gave of their best in the first half

This was an early round of the famous Rugby League Challenge Cup, one which involves amateur clubs in addition to professional outfits.  Opponents on this wet and blustery Sunday afternoon were Distington Amateur Rugby League Club.  I should add that although the conditions were less than perfect, the weather was much better than it had been several days previously.

Run out of defence

It is almost a week after the event so if you’re at all interested in the game you’ll know that the Cougars won by a score of 28-14; quite convincing in the end though Distington challenged well for a good portion of the encounter. 

First of two second half tries for Cougars’ Alfie Seeley

There’s a spirit of optimism and revival around Keighley Cougars at the moment. They’ve a number of victories under the belt and the wider community around the town is becoming aware of the attractive attacking brand of rugby which is exciting a growing audience. Yes, this was a game against a team from a lower tier but the Cougars had been even more rampant in their previous game against one which is higher in the league.

Celebration following a try from Jason Muranka

There’s a real challenge coming up now though as the Cougars have earned a match with local rivals Bradford Bulls in the next round. It’ll be a tough one but all the pressure will be on the Bulls, being the side which comes from the next league up. At the very least it will be a gauge as to how much progress has been made and at best ... who know? Could a famous victory be on the cards?

A hard fought contest but it was great to see both teams gathering together for a photo at the end, and also smiles all round